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 Toadstool Enterprises
 P.O. Box 5163,
 Santa Clara, CA





Toadstool Enterprises will be releasing a line of cold cast bronze and solid bronze figurines, created and sculpted by Kevin P. Croall derived from his Toadstool line of works.


Kevin P. Croall has designed several figurines from the Toadstool line of comics and art. These sculptures will be available in two varieties: bronze and cold cast bronze. These figurines will become available through direct purchase at a later date. In the meantime, sculptures are available in bronze upon special order only.

Bronze and Cold Cast Bronze

These figures are individually designed by Mr. Croall. He sculpts the figures in either wax, clay or sculpey. An original mold is made using algitate or another similar medium, from which the piece is set for either resin casting or wax for a bronze figure.

The bronze figures are solid bronze, created using the lost wax process. A wax figure is shaped, detailed, and coated with a ceramic slurry. After a sufficient amount of ceramic slurry has been applied, the sculpture is "flash" heated in a burn-out oven. This 2500 degree oven burns out all the wax, leaving a detailed mold. The molten bronze is poured into this mold of ceramic shell, and after cooling the rocky shell is hammered away to reveal the bronze sculpture inside.

Cold Cast Bronze is a resin with bronze flakes in it. This process is not as involved as the lost wax process and produces an end product that is relatively inexpensive when compared to the bronze replica (of which no two figurines are ever exactly alike). The cold cast bronze both looks and feels like bronze, although not as heavy. The resin figures will become available in limited numbers in the near future.

Email us with any questions you may have or to place a special order at

Additional images of each figure are available upon request. Just email us and we'll send you more images.


AVAILABLE NOW! Original Bronze Casting.
Cold Cast Bronze COMING SOON.

Approx. 10lbs, 11"W x 7"H.
Wonderful likeness of Krae from the comic KRAE: Tales of the Korthian Hold.

This highly detailed bronze sculpture of Krae is being made available in bronze only. The statue will be made to order, cast from an original mold.

$250.00 USD Approx.
Special Order Only. Contact us first:


Original Bronze Casting COMING 2004.
Cold Cast Bronze COMING SOON.

Wax prototype, 4"W x 12"H.
Cyber heroine from the Default Factor 12 saga.

More information coming soon.

$250.00 USD Approx.
Special Order Only. Contact us first:


Original Bronze Casting COMING 2004.
Cold Cast Bronze COMING SOON.

Picture coming soon! 4"W x 7"H.

Goblin warrior from Krae Tales of the Korthian Hold.

More information coming soon.

Inquire for Price and availability:



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