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 Toadstool Enterprises
 P.O. Box 5163,
 Santa Clara, CA




TOADSTOOLCOMICS' SHOP DIRECT is the merchandise department for Toadstool Enterprises. The entire line of Toadstool products is available here online! Comics, posters, books, art boards, hats, mugs, and more! As an art studio, Toadstool Enterprises also offers a variety of services to cater to your illustration needs.


We have nearly fifty different comic related items in stock. Back issues of Default Factor 12, special promo books for Default and Krae, Toadstool hats and shirts, a Default Factor 12 wall clock, over a dozen posters and prints some signed and numbered, and more.

The complete line of old and current Toadstool Enterprises' products is available, from the original 1998 ashcans to the current slick poster art.

We accept online payments with major credit cards. The Shop Direct store accepts online payments using the PayPal payment system, including payment in US Dollars, UK Pounds, European Euros, Canadian dollars and Japanese Yen. (Please click here if you need to open an account with Paypal).

Check or Money Order

We also accept checks and money orders. Please make payable to Kevin P. Croall:

Toadstool Enterprises
Atten: Shop Direct
P. O. Box 5163
Santa Clara, CA 95056


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