KRAE -Tales of The Korthian Hold
issue #1 is now available in print from 01comics.com. Full color web version of this book will be shown at 01comics.com as a weekly web comics viewable to public. Previous web comics are viewable to all 01comics.com registered members (it's FREE). Order your KRAE #1 today!


KRAE -Tales of The Korthian Hold will be published in partnership with 01comics.com.
The online version for 01comics will be a premium edition of the first issue, presented in full color and in a fun and unique digital medium. The full color online edition will be available with 01comics relaunch in 2005, followed by print versions later in 2005.

News archives have been added to the Toadstool Enterprises site, along with some updated graphics, text and animations. A listing of Kevin P. Croall's established credits can be found in the company info section.


TWO NEW books have been added to the Toadstool Enterprises roster. These two futuristic thrillers, WHITE LIE 1.0 and EARTH EVER AFTER, are works in progress set in a desolate and wild future earth. Both works are based on ideas and characters created prior to Kevin's debut books in 1998. Samples and details can be found in the comics section of this site. More images and ifo will be listed as they become available.

Kevin P. Croall
hosted a three day workshop on how to draw comics at the 2004 San DiegoComicCon. The workshop was sponsored by DELETER tones. Kevin showed the attendees some comic drawing techniques and how to apply those wonderful gray tones DELETER is famous for! He even revealed some of his own personal tricks in using tones affectively. The workshop was quite successful, and Kevin hopes to host it again in 2005.


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