04/2003 - 04/2004


IN DEPTH information on the KRAE comic can be viewed at the NEW KRAE WEBSITE. This website is a graphic intensive site with detailed background material including a complete list of character bios, conceptual art, maps of the world of KRAE, and story background. As Mr Croall finishes off final negociations regarding the publication of KRAE in print, the first parts of the comic can be viewed as a web comic here and at Arbor Productions.

Kevin P. Croall has begun work as an illustrator and writer for XXXX XXXXXXXXXXX. Some of his work is currently on display in the XXXX XXXXXXXXXXX galleries.
Look for his credit in their books to be released later this year.

are now open! The Toadstool Enterprises Galleries are now open for viewing. These galleries contain art from KRAE, DEFAULT FACTOR 12 and Other sources for qullity viewing. The galleries will be updated on a semi-regular basis, so check back often to find new art from both the Toadstool archieves as well as freelance sources. Take a look.


launched!! Toadstool Enterprises Shop Direct
has been renovated with new graphics, new merchandise and a whole new streamlined look! New art supplies, posters and sculptures now available. The new store simplifies the purchase process through PayPal and offers our customers more payment options... and more merchandise! Including services and original art!

and Kevin P. Croall have joined forces! Mr Croall has assumed an editorial position at ComicsOne, publishers of Storm Riders and Iron Wok Jan. Kevin is excited to be working with what he considers one of the finest publishers of Hong Kong, Korean, and Japanese manga available today! Check them out at

CARNAL COMICS of Arizona has announced the release of DEMI'S STRANGE BEDFELLOWS #3. This adult comic contains an erotic DEFAULT FACTOR 12 story. Kevin P. Croall created this erotic horror tale to supplement the DEFAULT storyline. See it at: Kevin has also done a beautiful original Cyber Demi art for the cover. Worth checking out!

Kevin P. Croall's personal portfolio is now available on line! Check it out in the galleries.

Want to learn the secrets of screen toning? Get advice on using greyscale tones like a professional manga-ka! Mr. Croall will be attending the 2003 JAPAN EXPO at the Los Angeles Convention center in downtown L.A. November 15-16. Kevin is honored to be a guest advisor on the techniques of tones for DELETER , the name brand for S.E. TONES INC--the premiere comic supplies company of Japan! Come by and make some Dojinshi with us!

Japan Expo:
Date: Nov 15 & 16, 2003
Approx. Attendees last year: 30,000 people


INFOSPEC PRESS has recently published some of Kevin's more offbeat comics in an anthology called SWELL. This book is available through bookstores and comic shops throughout the country. See editor Peter S. Conrad's site for more info:

Still available are the DEFAULT FACTOR 12 comic books and supplemental material. They can be purchased directly through the Toadstool store at:

A preview of the first issues of DEFAULT FACTOR 12 and KRAE: TALES OF THE KORTHIAN HOLD will be available soon. Kevin has recently begun negotiations with other publishers and backers concerning KRAE. With the decision to forego bi-monthly issues and opt for a larger trade format, Kevin continues to pursue avenues of possible joint publication and distribution.


Kevin P. Croall will be featured in another issue of DEMI'S STRANGE BEDFELLOWS. Published by the adult comic company CARNAL COMICS of Arizona, DEMI'S STRANGE BEDFELLOWS #3 will follow a cyberpunk motif. Kevin has rendered a wonderful cover for the issue as well as an adult DEFAULT FACTOR 12 story. See samples of these in Gallery 3. The issue is schedule to be released July-August. See more at: