We've collected some links to web sites that Mr Croall finds daily use in visiting, both for entertainment and professional value. Please understand that the following sites are not controlled or maintained by Toadstool Enterprises. If you discover a problem with one of the sites or find that a link is broken please let us know at toad@toadstoolcomics.com.

Krae Comic Site :

The official behind the scenes site for the comic KRAE - Tales of the Korthian Hold. Mr. Croall created this site for fans and the uninitiated to delve deeper into the making of this extraordinary fantasy epic.

  Comic Book Resources :

Renowned for its high-quality content and active community, CBR draws the most loyal audience of users. They serve over 600,000 fans every month.

  Carnal Comics :

Some of Kevin's work has been published in several issues of Demi's Strange Bedfellows. WARNING: These are adult comics, 18 and older only please.

  ComicsOne :

ComicsOne is an innovative comic publisher producing an eclectic line of manga including: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Storm Riders, and Iron Wok Jan. Mr. Croall has worked as editor at ComicsOne since November 2003.

  Peter Conrad :

Peter is a talented artist, and site has some comics to view online. Check out SWELL for some of Kevin's work and some great alternative underground stuff published by Peter and InfoSpec Press!

  Digital Webbing :

Digital Webbing offers updated news and links to the comic industry. Check it out to find out about comic-related web sites, news, previews, artists and much more.

01comics.com :

Jenni and Barry started 01 Comics, Inc. to create a web-based haven for such comics. 01comics.com is a place where creators can keep their comics and their dreams alive while building the audience that their creations so richly deserve. KRAE will be published under the 01comics flag in 2005.

  Deleter :

This site is an official site of S.E. Inc. - a Japanese comic supplies company. Their screen tones are the best available. Kevin uses them exclusively, and would recommend their supplies to any aspiring comic artists or industry professionals. Mr Croall also runs workshops on how to draw comics for DELTER.



MAIN Publishing :

Award-winning comic book and collectibles publishing firm since 1980. MAIN Publishing has worked with some of the most talented creators in the industry including Stan Lee, Rich Buckler, Rob Liefeld, Gil Kane, Gray Morrow, Bill Ward, and Kevin P. Croall.