Toadstool Enterprises is an art studio and publisher of comic books, comic related art and paraphernalia. Based in San Jose, California, the Toadstool line is dedicated to producing high-quality works of art and illustration in a variety of genres.

Founded in 1998 by Kevin P. Croall to promote and publish his DEFAULT FACTOR 12 comic book series, Kevin has broadened the company standards to necessitate his growing output of artistic ideas: poster art, sculptures and various other illustration based enterprises. He sees comics as the greatest medium to facilitate a story, likening them to pictorial literature.

"Like hieroglyphs or the wonderfully visual complexity of Kanji, a visual representation can convey the essence of an artist's idea with the most profound clarity…" -Kevin P. Croall

Curious as to what Mr Croall has done recently in the comic industry and related entertainment field? Here is a list of established works by Kevin P. Croall in print and on the web.

Comprehensive listing:
books available online by: Kevin P. Croall.
Toadstool Enterprises:
Default Factor 12 (3 issues, 30 pg B/W comics. 48 pg B/W magazine size Companion book)
Krae - Tales of the Korthain Hold (Ashcan Preview 24 pgs)
Toadstool Posters and Prints (12 full color signed and numbered prints featuring original paintings from Krae, Default, and original works)
Bronze Sculptures (Mountain King, Rush, and Goblins. Solid bronze castings of characters for Toadstool comic series)
Carnal Comics:
Demi's Strange Bedfellows (Issues #1 - #3, featured cover artist, three 10 pg B/W comic stories)
InfoSpec Press:
SWELL (Graphic novel anthology. 3 short comic stories in B/W)
Arbor Productions: Conceptual art for the Autumn Arbor universe.
MAIN Publishing:
Steam Driven (Conceptual art for comic maxi-series)
Funschool Interactive:
Funschool for Me! (CD-ROM educational computer games. 32 volumes: Pre-school and Kindergarten) (web site maintenance and design)
Sony Computer Entertainment of America: QA on P2 console games including Sly Cooper, Getaway, Treasure Planet, Wild Arms, Primal, and Ratchet and Clank.
Alternative Press Expo:
APE 1999 (Illustration appeared in convention booklet)

Editor on complete line of graphic novels including Iron Wok Jan, Onegai Teacher, and Storm Riders. Editor of over 50 published graphic novels.

Submissions. Toadstool Enterprises does not normally accept unsolicited submissions. Though we always appreciate new talent, and would love to comment on new work, our primary goal is the production of Toadstool related ideas. Consult the news/current area of this site for any submission openings. We are always happy to look at and comment on artwork--sometimes it fits a current project we are considering, or perhaps a fine back up story to an established Toadstool comic. Kevin is always willing to review a fellow artist's work and has spent many hours at conventions commenting on portfolios. As an artist Kevin is familiar with the trails a new artist must face, and has endured the flat and pre-scripted boring comments of industry editors; he understands that breaking in can be both difficult and frustrating. What he offers is friendly advice and a positive critique based on the artist's own vision and not the trends of the industry.