White Lie 1.0

White Lie 1.0 is a futuristic thriller set in a global community ruled by a tyrannical corporation.
On this planet of cracked earth and wasteland, the dominion of the tyrannical Kross Corps has been assured for the last several centuries. But when members of their elite Gaia Team turn rebellious, the grip Kross holds on the populace falters, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

Once an honored member of the Kross Corps, the White Lie has turned traitor, undermining Kross’ activities at every opportunity, ultimately seeking to end their tyranny. To this end he manages to persuade others to his cause as the truth behind Kross’ ultimate goal reveals itself to an unsuspecting populace.  But the White Lie’s motives are actually selfish, for he hopes to steal the mythical Manuscript of the Prophet from Kross, wherein is said resides the secrets of life.

The White Lie 1.0 is a cyber punk thriller and science fiction adventure with evolving relationships that drive the direction of the story, especially between the White Lie and Miranda where a complex web of romance and deceit fuel revolutionary ideals concerning the dominion of the corporate empire Kross.  Much in the same vein as Tagami’s “Grey”, White Lie 1.0 weaves a tale of personal redemption against overwhelming odds where little matters next to personal enlightenment. The post apocalyptic setting and gritty technology, most from earlier eras, provide a familiar platform for fans of Moebius’ work, “Stone,” and “Nausicaa.” It is a serious drama and adventure story for readers who appreciate their action riddled with plot twists and romance.

White Lie 1.0 is a work in progress with an estimated street date of early 2006. More info and sample pages will be added to this area as they become available.

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White Lie 1.0 has been signed to publisher 01comics, and is scheduled for full color web release and B/W print early 2006. Look for it!