KRAE: Tales of the Korthian Hold the first chapter to a grim fantasy adventure full of peril and drama written and illustrated by Kevin P. Croall.

"Be you crafty,
strong and bold!
Those with weapons
of Darkness we fight,
already our hates press them hard."

Wagner, Gotterdamerung, II, I

For the dwarves of the Korthian Hold, last of their ancient heritage, the end of summer marked the arrival of a deeper chill than the expected autumn winds. The goblins, stirring in the north, have begun to spread their icy influence across the lands. So it is that the dwarves' tranquil valley, once a bastion of peace, is threatened, and it falls upon Krae, the dwarves' dubious leader, to prepare his kin for the coming chaos.

" KRAE Tales of the Korthian Hold has everything I loved about the silver age comics in the same genre. The mix of characters, the rough action, and even the art stylings... pardon the pun but there is something 'magic' going on here... in an almost Buscema/Conan fashion. A leather-clad moss-covered tribute to the fantasy books of bygone days."

-Rusty Gilligan
Main Publishing

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KRAE issue #1
has been released in print and is now available through A colorized weekly web comic is now viewable through registered users of 01comics. Check it out! Look for issue #2 of KRAE through 01comics in the near future!