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Ages ago there lived a prospering civilization, technologically and biologically advanced, striving for the stars after having conquered the limits of their own system. Having surpassed disease and famine, and with social and economic burdens no longer existing, they came into a new era of understanding and introspection; but the limits had been reached and ahead lay a brutal path of decline. Disagreements turned into feuds, feuds into battles, and battles into planetary war. These beings would later be called the FOUNDERS.

Their wars lasted for millennia until one faction, seeking an end at any cost, used their own sun as a weapon. This faction not only ended the wars but doomed their race as well. Their home world and surrounding colonies were destroyed. Those who survived, took to deep space in search of a new home.

Earth Bound

After an age or two the survivors discovered a planet suitable for their continued existence: EARTH. Following a brief orbital bombardment, the FOUNDERS enslaved the planet's remaining human inhabitants.

Ultimately, the FOUNDERS returned to war. The human slaves of the FOUNDERS' cities were too weak to fight in the battles, so the FOUNDERS engineered an advanced form of man called: GUN'TAEM. They were bred sole to fight in the FOUNDERS' wars.

Factor 12

The Founders had all perished a thousand years ago, and over the centuries the Gun'taem had constructed their own ideas about society and individual status. In their shortened life spans Gun'taem grow. Though born as an adult, mental and physical
attributes improve over time. The appropriated name for this growth is called FACTOR RANKS. A belief stirs in every Gun'taem, a belief that he or she can reach FACTOR 12. The mythical factor 12 promises freedom from the war and freedom of the soul.


Enter: RUSH, FACTOR 9, an elite soldier of the city 6200 who begins to question the wars and their purpose. Her quest for the secret of factor 12 leads her into the depths of the Founders' twisted minds and discovers that what she seeks most is not her
freedom, but her humanity.