Welcome to the online home of Toadstool Enterprises, a publisher and art studio producing exclusively the comics and comic related art of Kevin P. Croall.

Kevin P. Croall's style has be associated with the dark and dramatic, fusing classical elements with dynamic flare. Kevin's credits can be found across the board in other comic publishers including 01COMICS, IMAGE, CARNAL COMICS, MAIN PUBLISHING, COMICSONE and INFOSPEC PRESS and in web design, sculpture and video games.

Current Toadstool works include KRAE - Tales of the Korthian Hold and DEFAULT - Factor 12 (both viewable at our comics section or in print from our online store).



in print and in color at 01comics.

WHITE LIE 1.0 signed to publisher 01comics!

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*NEW!* Two new books at Toadstool: WHITE LIE 1.0 and EARTH EVER AFTER.

See the world of KRAE online at the official KRAE web site!

" Comics and comic books are one of the most pervasive and influential media forms of 20th-century popular culture. A survey of current scholarly indexes demonstrates that researchers in the fields of history, sociology, and literature are discovering that studying comic books provides unique and valuable insights on 20th-century culture. Thus, many research libraries have experienced an increase in requests for information on, and copies of, comic books.

Unfortunately, as with other genres of popular literature such as science fiction, comic books were often considered unworthy of addition to research library collections. The original NYPL Research Libraries policy was to collect representative samples of comic books and microfilm them. Emphasis was not placed on keeping original material.

Reference material on the history and cultural significance of comic books are collected by the General Research Division and may be requested from the general stacks. Some titles dealing with comic books as a graphic art form are collected by the Arts, Prints and Photographs Division. In light of the recent increased interest in original comic books and the publication of many new reference titles, GRD has begun expanding collection development in this area. Due to the difficulty of obtaining original comic books circa 1930-1960, emphasis has been placed on reprint collections, microforms, and reference titles. Graphic novels, selected current comics and titles on comic artists, writers, collecting, etc., are presently being added to the collections. This guide represents the current state of comics related material. Users are advised to consult the online catalog for the latest available items."

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